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I'm Denise,
nice to meet you!

With years of experience as a veterinary nurse and a passion for product design, I bring a unique perspective to my work.
By combining my skills in empathy, attention to detail, and design expertise, I am able to create digital products that are not only visually appealing but also
useful to users.

Whether I'm working on a team or by myself, I'm dedicated to making digital experiences that are high-quality and meet the needs of different people. I always focus on the client and strive to make designs that are both visually appealing and user-friendly.


But how did I go from cuddling pets to designing websites and mobile apps?

As a lifelong enthusiast of technology and IT, I always had a passion for this field. However, due to limited opportunities for women in technology, it was difficult for me to pursue a career in it. This led me to explore other fields, where I found joy in caring for pets through veterinary care.

In the beginning of 2022, I took the next step in my career journey and enrolled in a design bootcamp. This was a pivotal moment for me as I was eager to launch my career in UX design and pursue my passion for creating digital products that enhance people's daily lives.

After completing the design bootcamp, I began working as an independent designer on various projects for small businesses and start-ups. I gained a wealth of experience in helping each client define their product and chart their success. These experiences provided me with exciting challenges and opportunities to enhance my skills and expand my knowledge.


A little bit more about me

I am originally from Italy and I fluently speak both Italian and English. I have always been passionate about languages, and I aim to learn a new one by the end of 2023: any suggestions? :)


Before moving to London in 2016, I had my fair part of adventure, and I worked and lived in Italy, Germany and the U.S.A., where I was able to also study German and English

I have always had an artistic eye, and in my free time I like to paint and be creative! I also enjoy trekking and hiking, reading and spending time in the nature. 



Let's have a chat!

You can find me on LinkedIn, or get in touch via email.



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Denise Baggio

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